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Our Journey: From Humble Beginnings to Honey Aficionados

Dave Lilley


The number of hives under our care varies significantly with the seasons, a testament to the dynamic and responsive nature of our work. Influenced by factors such as swarm collections and the occasional need to gently extract colonies from buildings, our apiary is ever-evolving. Yet, through this ebb and flow, our commitment remains steadfast: to ensure that every drop of honey produced is of the highest standard.

We embrace the challenges and unpredictability of beekeeping, seeing them not as obstacles but as opportunities to learn, adapt, and thrive. At Abbey Hey Honey, we're more than beekeepers; we're stewards of nature, dedicated to preserving the integrity and beauty of the natural world through our careful and respectful practices.

Our journey is ongoing, and every day brings new stories, challenges, and successes. We invite you to be a part of this sweet adventure, to taste the fruits of our labor, and to discover the difference that devotion, care, and a touch of nature's magic can make.

At Abbey Hey Honey, our story is one of passion, growth, and an unwavering dedication to the art of beekeeping. What began as a simple hobby and a fleeting curiosity over a decade ago has blossomed into a thriving love affair with these remarkable creatures and their precious produce.Nestled in the heart of South Manchester, our operation spans three apiary sites, each buzzing with the industrious hum of bees diligently working as nature's most efficient pollinators. Despite our growth, we proudly maintain the essence of a small, artisan operation. Our scale allows us to pour devotion into every aspect of our work, ensuring that every jar of honey we offer is a testament to our love for beekeeping.

Liquid Honey

We are a small scale producer of honey. The only process is cold filtering and pouring into jars

Honey on the Honey Comb

We provide a limited amount of natural Honey still in its honecomb just as the bees produce it

Heather Honey

The Rolls Royce of Honey.

This fragrent delight produced from the bees working the heather moors

Abbey Hey Honey is your place to get some pure honey as the bees make it nothing added or taken away

Let's not forget taste. Mass produced honey is often a mixed bag of sources, its flavours standardized to fit a one-size-fits-all profile. But the local beekeeper's honey? Each jar is a unique symphony of flavors, harmonizing the local floral notes in its delicate sweetness, an intimate reflection of your environment's changing seasons. When you choose local beekeeper honey, you're supporting a practice that prioritizes the health and well-being of the bees over mass production. This means you are not just buying honey, but also investing in a healthier bee population, which in turn supports a healthy planet.

honey produce
  • Pure Honey

  • Pure, golden bliss—perfect for drizzling and sweetening

  • Honey on the Comb

  • Raw and authentic, straight from the hive to your table

  • Chunk Honey

  • Crunchy comb meets smooth honey for a double delight.

  • Heather Honey

  • Bold, woody, and rich—ideal for gourmet pairings

    Featured Produce

    340 grams honey

    340 gms of Pure Honey

    Experience the pure, golden delight of our signature honey

    454grams honey

    454gms of Pure Honey

    Pure, golden honey—perfect for drizzling and sweetening

    340 grams chunk honey

    340 gms of Chunk Honey

    pure honeycomb immersed in rich, liquid honey

    227 grams heather honey

    227 gms of Heather Honey

    Derived from the nectar of heather flowers  amber hue and thick consistency make it a gourmet choice

    180 grams honey on comb

    Vegan Meatballs

    Prepared with fresh organic and 100% vegan ingredients by one of our top chefs.

    454 grams honey in the section comb honey

    Section of Honey

    Pure comb—straight from hive to box Enjoy honey as nature intended

    wax wraps to wrap your food

    Wax Wraps for Food Wrapping

    Wrap up freshness the eco-friendly way with our chic beeswax food wraps

    artisan soaps

    Artisan Soap

    Experience the lush lather of our artisan soap, crafted with honey and a medley of herbal essences

    beeswax polish

    Beeswax Polish

    Natural luster—polish with the power of bees

    "Simply love the food quality. It's delicious and healthy. The best part is value for money and having such great quality food delivered to my doorstep."

    Laura L.

    "Simply love the food quality. It's delicious and healthy. The best part is value for money and having such great quality food delivered to my doorstep."

    Devin T.

    "Simply love the food quality. It's delicious and healthy. The best part is value for money and having such great quality food delivered to my doorstep."

    Jennifer M.

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